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Programme information 2019-2020

Programme information

The first three semesters of the Master programme consists of a design course (15 ECTS), two theoretical courses (2 x 5 ECTS) and one elective (5 ECTS). The last semester before graduation is almost entirely dedicated to the Master Dissertation (30 ECTS).

Design studios

The design courses offer a wide variety of studios from which students can choose freely. Students may also follow studios on the other campus. The design studios are are the core of the programme and provide an interactive and open design environment that accommodates students from around the world.

The design studio landscape is constructed out of 4(+1) engagementsUrban Cultures, Craftsmanship, Legacy, Mediating Tactics and The Brussels Way. These engagements are organised across our two campuses.

  • Click here for more info on the design studios. Examples of studios from the 2019-2020 programme can be found here.

Theoretical courses

The theoretical courses are compulsory for all students that enroll on a specific campus (e.g. a student enrolling in Brussels follows all theoretical courses on that campus). 

History and Theory

Building Technology

Professional practice


  • Choose from a broad range of courses situated in the field of History and Theory, Building Technology, Professional Practice, Arts and Mixed Media or even at other faculties.
  • 15 ECTS 
  • Overview of the electives



Blog master of architecture

Check out the Master of Architecture's blog for the latest news, events, some info on the graduation projects of the past years ... 


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