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Incoming exchange students

The Faculty of Architecture takes the international dimension as the basis for its own quality assessment. It positions itself squarely within the international field of qualitative architectural education. The faculty’s international activities are extensive and diversified: student mobility and staff exchange on a European and intercontinental level, internationally oriented programmes for incoming students, international workshops and competitions, international research projects, international internships, development cooperation, etc.

The faculty works hard to consolidate and enrich its network of cooperative associations with professionals and universities in Europe, Australia, the United States, Latin America, Africa and Asia. It offers its students access to this international forum of spatial design activities. The faculty sees this as a catalyst for creativity and as an added value to the student’s future professional career.

Exchange students are warmly welcomed in the faculty.
Receiving the students at the same time in the very heart of the capital of Europe, the faculty offers a challenging intellectual and cultural environment. Exchange students are invited to meet with us and to share in this particular setting through a lively dialogue and an intensive exchange of experiences and ideas, the common interest in the making of architecture today. We are guided by the idea, that architecture is a social art, profoundly routed in human creativity, answering to the essential needs of our time by investigating and interpreting with the outmost care the material and spiritual conditions of human existence at this present day, and by exploring the means and the technical tools, offered through human industry, that not only will ensure a qualitative acceptable response, but will also offer a sustainable solution for the future. Above all, we treasure the utopian capacity of architecture, its analytic and critical potential to reshape human life and to rearticulate the human experience.