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Doctoral programme Architecture

Overview Doctoral Programme

Introduction Session (obligatory for each PhD student in the first year after registration)
Each session is organized twice, to make sure that each doctoral student can participate soon after registration

Events organised by the Faculty or Department of Architecture

Seminar Scientific Integrity (obligatory for each PhD student in the first year after registration)

  • November 21th, 2016
  • January 26th, 2017 ( Videoconferencing with campusses in Ghent and Brussels)
  • March 10th, 2017
  • May 19th, 2017
    More info

Introductory Course

The POC Doctoraatsopleiding is actually reorganising the introductory course on the basis of the input given by the doctoral students during the feedback in June. More information will be available soon.


Elective Courses

The POC Doctoraatsopleiding is actually reorganizing the offer of elective courses in the Doctoral Programme in Architecture. In 2016-2017 at least one elective Research by Design will be organised (semester 1) and at least one elective History & Theory (semester 2). Please make sure that you follow the electives you have indicated in your blueprint!


Starting doctoral students will be informed soon on the changed offer and will then be able to finalise their blueprint.

  • History & Theory
  • Research by Design 
    This elective course consists of 3 modules
    • Action Module (Jo Van Den Berghe and Thierry Lagrange): More info
    • Module 1-1 Artefact (Arnaud Hendrickx and Dimitri Vangrunderbeek): This module starts with the collection of input through different activities. This results in a reflection and presentation linked with the students own research project.
      • 23/11/2016, La loge (Kluisstraat - rue de l’Ermitage 86, B-1050 Brussels):
        • 6 pm Intro to the course
        • 7.30 pm participation in the RAAK Temple Talks lecture on the work and research of Wim Cuyvers & Filip Van Dingenen: more info.
      • Between 23/11/2016 and 19/1/ 2017: individual studio visit to a colleague/professional who has a special relationship with the making/artefact in his/her work or research.
      • 19/1/2017: participation in the Evaluation moment of the Joint Doctoral Seminar Architecture & Arts
      • Reflection/Presentation (moment and format tbc during the introduction)
    • Module Scholarly Craft (Johan Verbeke): January 13 2017: more info.

Min. 2 ECTS Skills and Competencies
More info

The PhD researcher is the main author of at least one international publication or has produced an equivalent international scientific output as the outcome of his/her PhD research. This output can be a peer-reviewed contribution, journal article, a contribution to an internationally oriented book, a full publication in peer-reviewed international conference proceedings, a patent, a Creation in the Arts or Design, etc. The work is written in the language of the discipline, is aimed at an international readership and is an already published work or a work accepted for publication. For publications realised during the doctoral programme, the name(s) of the supervisor(s) involved in the preparation of the publication should be mentioned as additional authors.

The PhD researcher has presented at least three research seminars at the KU Leuven or at a forum in which the KU Leuven participates (ARM, JDS A+A, JDS H&T, PRS, …), either on his/her own doctoral research or on a more general theme;

The PhD researcher has participated actively (oral presentation or poster presentation) in at least one international conference abroad;

The PhD researcher has contributed actively to education on bachelor or master level. This contribution may include thesis supervision, organisation of exercises or practical tests, leading exercise sessions, participating in teaching, science communication or other education-related activities.

Furthermore you can register for other courses, seminars, summer schools, … organised by KU Leuven. Please notice that you must always do this in consent with your supervisor. You find an overview on the following links:

  1. Skills and Competencies Calendar: http://set.kuleuven.be/phd/skills.htm
  2. Thematic Training Calendar: http://set.kuleuven.be/phd/thematictraining.htm
  3. Doctoral Seminars Research Methodology PhD in Engineering Sciences: Architecture: https://onderwijsaanbod.kuleuven.be/syllabi/e/H09Q9AE.htm#activetab=doelstellingen_idp2018576