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PhD Projects



An opportunity in contemporary remains: change of use and its relation to the urban fabric


Architecture's provoking instrumentality: materializing encouters as triggers to thought and conflictual negotiation


Catholic Territories in a Suburban Landscape. Religion and Urbanization in Belgium, 1945 - 1975





Designing like a gardener


Disruption as a tactic for sense making in architecture


Eat -scape enhancing urban experience





Performative urbanism as design strategy for urban commons.
Research-by-design on collective visioning and place-making in Brussels.


Addressing the seen and the unseen in the design process of transforming contemporary collective spaces in urban contexts.



Making is More - on construction’s invisible capacities for making architecture




Killspace - about a possible alternative awareness environment in support of architecture that extends beyond just the built



Dealing with the bottom end of the housing market


Prison gear: formation and critique of a contemporary design discourse about the humane deprivation of freedom in Flanders, Belgium





Refraiming fragile heritage. Micro strategies for social sustainable re-use of fragile heritage


Reis door Eskimonië - architectuur als een ruimtelijke expressie van het affect



Resilient Collective Spaces: Rethinking urban spaces defined by commercial programs: disentangling the formal and informal mechanisms of urban projects.






Sensemaking in construction; The necessity of making


Socio-spatial resilience in the face of international migration flows



Space suitability and the design process - a research on the remote architectural practice and local identities





Speed Space



Spatial aspects of housing: the demographic challenge in its spatial context


Spatial configuration of collective spaces within formal/informal dynamics: the relation between urban transformation and infrastructure in the case of the Plaza de las Glorias Catalanas, Barcelona







The architect - Heritage practitioner as a storyteller




The formation of architectural theory in Flanders (1965 - 1995)


The generous space, a sacred place for the world in motion








Unlocking the potential collective space


Wandering of the urban: to move towards being moved


Yard & world, to draw a distinction, an architectural inquiry into the liminal




The home and the human condition. Constructing inauthenticity and the homeless identity


Imagining the Orient before Orientalism: Georgian Travellers and the Emergence of Taste in 18th Century British Architecture


Generating a better understanding of the effect of spatial qualities on the embodied experience in (semi-) public spaces: reconsidering the design process by examining human motion


The discovery of a new series of uniform polyhedra Insights on the role of architectural design in the transformation of landscapes under pressure. Water as a protagonist of the architectural interventions at the intermediate scale Rethinking the 'in-between'

DE VANZELFSPREKENDHEID VAN GEBRUIK EN BELEVING / Denken en werken rond het ontwerpen van dichte stedelijke gemeenschappen voor morgen met een nieuwe sociale orde en dit communiceren met de juiste tools om een maatschappelijk discours te openen Productive sidewalks in New York. Archieving critical insights about multiple andtemporary uses of space and changing policies Pierre-Louis Flouquet. Chroniqueur, promoteur et critique de l'architecture et du design belge (1932-1967)

Retrofitting the neighbourhood: policy measures Middle margins, the art of creating dynamic balance in transversal design practice The political praxis of architecture
Structuur en gebeurtenis. Reflecties over narrativiteit in een ontwerpoeuvre Forensic design strategy Understanding the emergent practices of social architecture
Architecture without architecture Experiments, Practices and Positions in Architectural Design Studio